#1. Choose a REALTOR®

In choosing us, you choose a REALTOR® team who is experienced, enthusiastic, honest and professional. Additionally we have an in-depth knowledge of our market area and a willingness to adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. We have goals regarding your sale and as your REALTOR® our mission is to make the process smooth and pain-free while you get the sales price and terms you desire.

#2. Set the tone

This is where you make your property shine above the others. Take a weekend to clean your gutters and pressure wash your house, driveway and sidewalk. Organize the closets and replace blown light bulbs. Paint during this process and stage, if needed. Perform a prelist home inspection and address items noted during the inspection. Being proactive allows you to MAXIMIZE your sales price and REDUCE your DAYS on market.

#3. Price for a sale

In today’s real estate market, more homes expire each month than sell. Greater Alabama MLS data for 2015 shows that on average, each month, 17% of listed homes sell and 83% remain active or go on to expire. Now that you have set the tone, price your property competitively. Buyers are familiar with areas and prices. When they see a home priced accordingly they act. Being practical allows you to MAXIMIZE your sales price and REDUCE your DAYS on market.

#4. You can do it

The day-in and day-out is the toughest part of having your property on the market. It is easy to get in a rush and leave your home with beds unmade or dishes in the sink. Try to remember that Buyers look when it is convenient for them and often times that equates to a daytime showing. Keep it clean! YOU CAN DO IT and it will pay off in the end. Remember clean equals MAXIMUM sales price and REDUCED Days on market.

#5. Offer to Contract

An offer has been received and the terms don’t really work for you. Take a deep breath and a step back…an offer is good! You have something in writing which is better than 83% of other Sellers. Now… let’s negotiate for a win-win!

#6. Inspections

We’ve negotiated and there is now a contract in place and the inspections begin. It is best if you are not present when inspections are done. Keep your chin up! You addressed all issues when you “set the tone”. Remember… being proactive allows you to MAXIMIZE your sales price, and REDUCE your DAYS on the market.

#7. The AppraisalDebLong.com_how_to_sell_a_house_in_Alabama

This really should not be a concern, as we will have reviewed these numbers BEFORE you listed. NOTE: New guidelines have caused some appraisals to come in under the sales price. Exhale… you have the final say.

#8. Close the deal

Closing the transaction is the final step. This is where money and keys trade hands. As your REALTOR®, we will walk you through each step, managing all paperwork and keeping you well informed. The hard work has paid off and you are moving on. Dreams Achieved! Congratulations!
Dreams Achieved! Congratulations!

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