#1.  Choose a REALTOR®

In choosing us, you choose a REALTOR® team who is experienced, enthusiastic, honest and professional. Additionally, we have an in-depth knowledge of your market area, and willingly adhere to a strict Code of Ethics. We have goals regarding your transaction and as your REALTOR® our mission is to make the process smooth and hassle-free, while you get the home and terms you’ve been looking for.

#2.  Commitment

You and I, your REALTOR®, make a commitment to each other by signing an Agency Agreement. All legal transactions must be in writing and signed by all parties involved.

#3.  Get Pre-approved

This means contacting a mortgage person, giving personal information and receiving a pre-approval letter showing the amount you can finance and the terms of your loan.  Getting pre-approved puts you in a better negotiating position when you find the home of your dreams. (In today’s tough market, most sellers will not consider an offer if there isn’t a preapproval attached.)

#4.  Shop for your new home  

Once we have narrowed down the possibilities using the funnel process discussed in our Buyer Consultation, we can go to work by viewing potential new homes. You may want to drive through neighborhoods/communities before looking at individual houses to make sure the area is a good fit. NOTE: 60% of buyers find their home during their first time out with their REALTOR®

#5.  Make an offer

You LOVE it, so now let’s make if yours!  Relax, as your agent we are your advocates always looking out for your best interest.  In our HOT market you may experience counter-offers, multiple offers or even highest-n-best through this process.  Don’t get discouraged!  With our experience we will help you negotiate for a win, and then process all needed paperwork keeping you up to date throughout your transaction.

#6.  Inspections, Appraisal & Underwriting

Now it is time to investigate. In Alabama, it is the responsibility of the Buyer to satisfy himself/herself to all conditions of the property. You/we will consider all inspection reports and then, if needed assist you with negotiations. The following pages have several local vendors you may consider during this process. The appraisal is ordered once inspections are complete, this step is handled by the lender. You will most likely have to provide additional information to your lender throughout or during the underwriting process

moving boxes at a new home, 3d rendering

#7. Close the deal

Closing the transaction is the final step. This is where money and keys trade hands. As your REALTOR® we will walk you through each step keeping you well informed.

#8.  Celebrate 

Make sure you go to your local county courthouse/tax assessment office and file your homestead exemption. Note: keep all of your files together as they will be of great use when you get ready to sell. Enjoy your new home!


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