The Buying & Selling Process

Before you become overwhelmed,
allow me to offer some helpful information.



Welcome to, one of Birmingham’s most innovated and customer centric real estate teams.  Whether buying or selling real estate in the Greater Alabama area, Deb long and her team have the knowledge and experience to guide you throughout the process.  Our mission is to Educate and Advocate for the Success of our Clients.

Deb Long offers Sellers unique marketing strategies which help them get their properties SOLD quickly.  To start, there are vendors who help you showcase your property to the public in a manner that creates interest and urgency.  Then they implement their Selling 8.0 strategy which includes a full motion video tour of your property.  This allows Buyers to virtually walk through your property 24/7 as their schedule permits, without interrupting yours.  Here at we get your home showing exposure and you (the Seller) do not have to leave the premises.

In reality, not one home is sold without a buyer.  Deb Long and her team understand the power of the Buyer, and for this reason we pay special attention to our Buyer Clients.  Deb’s unique approach is opening doors for Buyers all over town.

A licensed REALTOR® since 2006, Deb Long has weathered the real estate storm of 2008-2011, and her dedication to customer satisfaction is pushing her to the top.  She and her team are committed to providing you with a positive home selling and buying experience and promise to work hard to advocate for your success.